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First, let me introduce myself : I'm French ! So, who do you think may write the Ultimate Do's and Don'ts in France ? ;-)

Why I wrote this guide? Because there are some cultural mistakes in the guides I found and I don't want you to follow some rules that don't exist. As I told you on my About page : I want you to have an awesome, easy and unforgettable experience in France !

I'm also a traveller fond of Asia and a lover of the Asian culture. I wrote this guide by constantly thinking about our cultural differences, as I know it will make your trip more comfortable if you know our cultural traits. 

So, let me give you the real keys for your next trip to France !

What will you find in your Ultimate Guide to France : Do's and Don'ts?

- Some tips for your visits and shopping.

- The things you can / cannot do in public.

- The topics you should avoid talking about.

- How to act if you have an appointment or receive an invitation.

-  The guide for restaurants and bars.

- The rules for driving and transport.

Bonus : A few things you can be surprised about.


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